Calcium formate min. 98% techn. of Cofermin Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG, Essen, in various qualities and packaging.

Calcium formate is a chemical compound of the group of formates, i.e. the calcium salt of formic acid with the molecular formula C2H2CaO4

CAS-Nr. 544-17-2

EINECS-Nr. 208-863-7

Calcium formate of Cofermin Chemicals Germany

Calcium formate is used for a variety of purposes.

Calcium formates are used, for example, as setting accelerators in the cement industry, or as auxiliaries in the tannery.
Calcium formate is also used as silage additive and as feed additive in animal nutrition.

Main applications of calcium formate:

Construction Chemicals

In the construction industry calcium formate u.a. used as concrete admixture. Additives are added to the concrete or mortar to affect certain properties of the fresh concrete and / or hardened concrete.
For example, calcium formate serves as a setting accelerator for cement-bound building materials and is mainly used in concrete and dry mortar systems.
In addition to the property as setting accelerator, calcium formate additionally influences the hardening process in the concrete.
In dry mortar, calcium formate is mainly used in the field of tile adhesives.

Textile and leather industry

Salts such as calcium formate are used as aids in the textile and leather industry for impregnating, pickling or descaling leather.

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